About SSO

Because every child should be able to benefit from the advantage of a private education, Student Scholarship Organization of America is a non-profit organization whose sole focus is to aid parents and schools in acquiring funding. Our goal in accomplishing this is to train and educate schools and parents regarding the grants and tax credits available when scholarships are funded and utilized for private education.

Our founders created SSO America in response to the need of private schools for funding assistance. Our goal is to seek out grants that would pass through our organization to assist our partner schools, and we even contribute an additional 2% of donations to the school of your choice when you partner with SSO America. However, we also strive to expose parents and benefactors to the tax credits afforded you when you contribute to scholarship funds. By working together with schools and parents, we are able to garner funds for your institution with unprecedented success.

As an SSO of America participating school, the benefit is two-fold. The school is eligible to promote the SSO of America program to its donors and parents who, in turn, can designate that their contributions to SSO of America be used to provide scholarships at that school. A school is also eligible to receive undesignated contributions from SSO of America. Thus, each school will be able to increase the amount of scholarships for which its students and their families are eligible.

Downlod the IRS 501c3 Form

Greg Yancey – President, SSO of America

Greg received his Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies at Trinity Baptist Theological Seminary and Bible College. He went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Christian Education at Georgia Baptist Seminary and Bible College. Greg currently serves in these positions:

Anita Yancey – Secretary, SSO of America

Anita completed her core classes at the University of West Georgia and received her Bachelor degree in Christian Education from Georgia Baptist Seminary and Bible College. Anita has taught 2nd Grade through the 12th Grade and also served as Secretary at HGBA. She has been a teacher at Holy Ground Baptist Academy since 2004.

Jamie Perry – Treasurer, SSO of America

Jamie has been the full time Athletic Director and PE Coach at Holy Ground Baptist Academy since 2010. He also is Head Coach of our Varsity Football and Varsity Baseball teams. Jamie has served on the Rules Committee of the GICAA (Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association) since 2012.